Premier Cutlery Custom Drawer Organizer Widths 24-1/16″ to 30″


This Premier Cutlery Custom Insert will contain the following number of knife slots:

Drawer Width Large Knife Slots Smaller Knife Slots
24-11/16″ or less 9 8
24-3/4″ to 26-1/16″ 10 9
26-1/8″ to 27-7/16″ 11 10
27-1/2″ to 28-13/16″ 12 11
28-7/8″ or greater 13 12


Next, measure your drawer’s inside depth (front-to-back).

  • Subtract any obstructions such as handle screw heads and corner brackets.

Measure your drawer’s inside height: Your insert should be less than this measurement.

  • We recommend 2 1/2″ for most drawers.

Optional velour liners:  These can be built into the floor of your insert. Available in black, burgundy and dark green.

Special Notes:

  • We subtract 1/8″ installation clearance from your width and depth.
  • Drawers must be removable to install organizers.
  • These are custom made to your dimensions. They can not be returned for any reason except warranty repair. Changes or cancellations are not possible once production has begun.
  • Please allow approximately 3 weeks for us to fabricate your order.
  • Contact us for the dimensions of your insert’s bins.
  • For a layout of your own design, place a Special Order. We’ll build it for you.

Enter your dimensions in the boxes below:

  • If we don’t show your dimensions, contact us for your size.

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