Kitchen, Bath and Closet products:

The possibilities are literally endless. If you can sketch it, we can make it. Send us your idea and we’ll give you a free estimate. If you need help designing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For Special Order Drawer Inserts:

1) Tell us your intended use for your insert.

2) Include a sketch (anything from hand drawn to a CAD design) with all necessary dimensions. You will want your Insert’s outside width and outside depth to be 1/8” less than your drawer’s measured inside width and depth. Specify both on your sketch. Designate Drawer Inside Width as DIW and Drawer Inside Depth as DID. Allow for any screws or hardware that may interfere when installing your insert.

3) Some drawers do not pull out fully, so consider your glide loss or the part of your drawer you can’t “see” when fully open. Make sure your design allows for this covered area to be accessed, and that your drawer is removable to install your Insert.

4) Material Thickness. We typically use ¼” thick acrylic for walls and partitions and 1/8” acrylic for floors.