Your Guide to Furniture Styles

Every parent wants their child to have a perfect room. Or rooms, if we’re talking about big-sized families. So while the colors, creativity and visual appeal are certainly very important to make you child happy… Still, do not cut on the durability of each item you buy.A time comes, when your children are ready to have their own bedrooms. Without any doubt, they are eager to have a sweetly designed bedroom made according to their preferences.



Surely every parent too will be super excited by the fact that you could make your kid happy! This is pretty easy to achieve by decorating his or her bedroom. Surely, the foremost thing you ought to do is ask your kid what he or she really wants. Then you sketch out and plan out on how you will be actually able to do it.  Recall on what you already have and what you will need to buy additionally.

For room’s walls, choose a colorful paint and pair it with some prints. Besides doing the wall, you can also use such prints for cabinets and put in some other accents. You can try using a simple handmade mural instead of prints. Let it show your kid’s favorite theme: be it harry potter, robots, flowers, race cars or something entirely else.


For the beddings, you can apply the one that matches with the overall theme of the room. Try to select such a bedding that will match the motif of the room as well as will add up some additional layer of comfort. Blend the sheets, pillows and comforters.You can even have some extra pillows thrown around just for some accent. Besides that, you can also match your curtains. This can give the room a united look. You can also enhance a ceiling so it will become more suitable for a kid’s taste. Do that by decorating it with some fluorescent (glowing in the dark) objects… They would enjoy looking at it while they are about to sleep in their beds. It would seem like they are stargazing.But do not just stick with the design only! Make sure to throw in things that could give a hand for their learning. These can be either books, charts or some “smart” toys for education. This way, your kid can have fun while learning!

To ensure that there’s enough light during the night, purchase a lampshade. It can also be beneficial as an added decoration for the bedroom. There are decorative lamps with very bright and unusual, fun shades which you can use for your child’s bedroom. But you can also buy plain lampshades and decorate it on your own!



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    These are awesome tips! We’re buying our first home this winter and it looks like most houses in our area have old fire places and this was something I was planning on doing at some point, so it’s good to have this information now, and to know what I’m doing ahead of time! Thanks!

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