Peg Board Custom Drawer Organizers

        A beautiful way to arrange cabinet drawers to become probably your favorite, most convenient and best place to put dishes and bowls, cooking pots, lids and other items when you’re looking for order and you don’t want damage. Place the acrylic dowels where they best suit your storage arrangement, and change it whenever you like. Built to your dimensions, these products fit your cabinetry exactly.

          See below for Product Features and Measuring Tips.

Select your Drawers Inside Width, measured left-to-right:

Product Features: 

  • Clear Acrylic dowels press into holes in a 3/8″ thick acrylic base.
  • Relocate dowels anytime to rearrange your Peg Board Insert. 
  • Dowels are clear acrylic, 5/8″ diameter. You specify the length.
  • The holes are spaced every 1-1/2″, center-to-center.
  • Dishwasher safe and stain resistant.

Measuring Tips:

  • We deduct 1/8″ from your width and depth dimensions to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Has it been a while since you last read a tape measure? This image will clear that up: