Organization has become a priority for everyone today. Many products are available, but not all actually make our lives easier. We've assembled these tips to help you in your selection.

We organize to increase available storage space, more easily find items, and to quickly return them for use again next time. Clear acrylic is the ideal material for organizer partitions because items are in full view from any angle. Clear acrylic is also the best choice for protecting without hiding the beauty of your fine cabinetry.

Organizers should be made from non-porous materials and easily sanitized. Our acrylic organizers have excellent stain resistance and are dishwasher safe, unlike other plastic or wood organizers.

Drawer inserts must fit snug from left-to-right and front-to-back, due to movement caused by opening and closing drawers. Our organizers are built to your dimensions to ensure a perfect fit every time.

We all want as much storage space as possible, but poor organizers can actually waste space. Be wary of wood inserts that waste space due to the thickness required to properly join wood parts. Plastic snip-and-fit organizers waste space due to the wide flange required around the perimeter. Plastic expandable organizers waste space in the back of your drawer, where they don't expand. Stainless steel bins that snap together leave gaps and holes and the curved floors reduce bin storage capacity. Our 1/4" thick clear acrylic organizers have a beautiful and durable look and feel, and never waste drawer space.

A floor on a drawer insert is necessary to prevent items such as pins and knives from sliding under the bin partitions and becoming jammed. Our floors are welded completely to prevent this and add strength to the organizer.

A typical family can enter and remove or replace items in a kitchen drawer 50 to 100 times a day. An organizer that saves you hours of searching over the years can be a great investment, but only if it lasts the life of your cabinetry. Sharp objects such as knives eventually cut through some vacuum-formed plastic organizers and wood can splinter and loose its finish. Our acrylic inserts are solvent welded 1/4" sheet, most with 1/8" floors, for a product that will last for many years. We've tested our optically clear polished finish for scratch resistance and found it excellent, even after years of use.

If too low, the bins don't hold enough items, but too high can prevent long handled items and such from otherwise fitting in the drawer. We suggest our standard heights to be used, but offer a range of heights to choose from, at no extra charge.